Dogs on acid

eGarage - The Derelicts by ICON

I love everything about this. Classic form with modern engineering seems to be proliferating as a theme in many areas.

Literary characters visualized by law enforcement composite sketch software - THE COMPOSITES

PenMoto at Work - neat.

Clear for iPhone

Today’s Edition of reasons we love the Internet - MURK AVENUE FOUND ICE CUBES ‘GOOD DAY’

     “went to short dogs house,
       they was watching Yo MTV
Yo MTV RAPS first aired:
               Aug 6th 1988
Ice Cubes single “today was a good day” released on:
               Feb 23 1993
      ”The Lakers beat the Super 
Dates between Yo MTV Raps air date AUGUST 6 1988 and the release of the single FEBRUARY 23 1993 where the Lakers beat the Super Sonics:
      Nov 11 1988    114-103
      Nov 30 1988    110-106
      Apr    4 1989    115-97
      Apr  23 1989    121-117
      Jan  17 1990    100-90
      Feb  28 1990    112-107
      Mar  25 1990    116-94
      Apr  17  1990    102-101
      Jan  18  1991    105-96
      Mar  24  1991    113-96
      Apr  21  1991    103-100
      Jan  20  1992    116-110
Dates of those Laker wins over SuperSonics where it was a clear day with no Smog:
                Nov 30 1988
                Apr   4  1989
                Jan 18  1991
                Jan 20  1992
     “Got a beep from Kim, and
         she can fuck all night”
beepers weren’t adopted by mobile phone companies until the 1990s. Dates left where mobile beepers were availible to public:
                 Jan 18 1991
                 Jan 20 1992
Ice Cube starred in the film “Boyz in the hood” that released late Summer of 1991, but was being filmed mid-late 1990 early 1991 and Ice Cube was busy on set filming the movie Jan 18 1991 too busy to be lounging around the streets with no plans. Ladies and Gentlemen..

The ONLY day where:
Yo MTV Raps was on air
It was a clear and smogless day
Beepers were commercially sold
Lakers beat the SuperSonics
and Ice Cube had no events to attend was…
          JANUARY 20 1992
      National Good Day Day


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Vintage Mugshots from the 1920s

Believe it or not, these fascinating, really kind of artistic photographs are actually mugshots (back when they took a picture of more than your mug) from the 1920s. Even criminals were dapper back then.

The photos come from the Sydney Justice and Police Museum, and some include descriptions of the crooks’ crimes, such as “hotel barber, meaning one who books into a hotel, boarding house or residential and robs (or ‘snips’) fellow patrons, usually in the dead of night.”

For more pics of criminals and a description of their crimes, check out Twisted Sifter

Found via A Headlong Dive via Leo M.

Huh? Physicists create light out of nothing

Researchers including Professor Tim Duty from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, used a strange phenomenon called the dynamical Casimir effect to force a mirror to make its own light rather than simply reflecting the light around it.

Interesting tools - Magisto | An Automatic Online Video Editor

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